Report on Farewell

Date: 10/03/2022

Report on Farewell

“Set your goals high and always dream big. Because you’re only as big as the dreams you dare to live.”


A farewell ceremony is incomplete without showing the school's support and appreciation on the last day of the students. Furthermore, a farewell party is the best way to express your wishes to your students. The moment of leaving a school after the end of academic life is full of mixed emotions for a student. Farewell messages for students capture all these mixed emotions in words and lets you express your wishes and thoughts.

A farewell party was organized in the school for Grade XII learners. The team members and their juniors arranged some games, party followed by dinner for them. Everyone wished them best luck for the future, success and happiness for their future endeavors. The learners were also full of mixed emotions while leaving the school. They shared their memories of school life and expressed their gratitude towards the principal, teachers and peer group. 

“May you all excel in your professional life like how you always excelled to become better in your academic life. Happy farewell!”

“You are the brightest faces of this institute who are going to make us all proud someday. We believe in you and your potential. Happy farewell!”

“Many good wishes for all the wise brains here. You have all the potentials to become the bests of the bests in the world. Farewell to you!”

“It’s sad to see you leave but it’s good to see you’re all prepared for the next phase of your life. A happy farewell to you. Never stop learning and never stop winning!”

“Congratulations on your farewell. Now, shape your career according to your dreams. Best of luck.”

With these quotes, the students were bid goodbye.