Date: 20/04/2022                         

                               REPORT ON FRUIT DAY CELEBRATION

Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad – Miles Kington.

In today’s scenario, most children opt for those fizzy drinks and sugary foods and that’s a big NO! Eating habits and tastes are formed from an early age. And that’s exactly what PPSCIS aims at. On  20th of April the children got their healthy dose of fruits when they celebrated Fruit day!

With an objective to create awareness among children about the importance of consumption of fruits in a regular diet,the youngsters of pre primary celebrated Fruit Day. Children, representing the fruits of their choice through dress/chart, sang the fruit rhymes with great zest, enthusiasm and vigor, enjoying the moments of joy and happiness in the company of their mates & teachers.The occasion was used to teach kids the health benefits of fruits – one of Mother Nature’s most amazing food.

The tiny tots also learned more about the taste, smell, color and texture of each fruit. Children clearly understood the importance of washing the fruits before eating or cooking and about the benefits of eating fresh fruits.

Teachers had made interesting and simple stories on encouraging children to have vegetables and fruits in their meals. The teachers also explained the importance of fruits’ and vegetables’ intake in diet for mental and physical growth.In a nutshell, kids were found to be quite thrilled and were positive on the fact that fruits are better than junk foods.

It was indeed a ‘fruitful day’!