Session on Profile Building

              Date:10/04/2022   Session on Profile Building

     A session on Portfolio Management/ Profile Building by MS. Bhumika from IFCA was organised for the students of Grades VIII to XII on 19 April, 2022 from 12.50 pm in the small auditorium.

      During her interaction with the students, Ms. Bhumika emphasised the importance of commencing profile building as early as possible, preferably from Grade VIII itself. She informed the students about various free online courses offered by platforms such as LinkedIn and Oxford University, and asked them to attend such courses to add to their profile.

      Responding to the queries from students, she encouraged the students to constantly update themselves with the latest happenings in the world. Furthermore, she asked the students to work on topics such as world currency and SpaceX Programme.

      After solving their doubts on the topic , the students left the auditorium determined and motivated to work more diligently on their profile building.