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About School


About School

What do our students study?

We always believe in our motto, “Nurturing your child’s individuality”, and so we want each student to fulfil their potential and make the most of their strengths and interests. Cambridge International Examinations, offer a wide range of subjects and let every student choose the subjects they love and the subjects they’re best at. CIE design programmes – with the help of expert educators in schools and universities – to challenge students, and get them excited about what they’re learning. They learn about the key concepts of each subject in depth, so they understand them inside and out. Our programmes are flexible, so teachers can use examples that are relevant to students’ local context and culture. Students learn in English, and Cambridge assessment is accessible to speakers of English as a second or foreign language. Our alumni speak, “We really enjoyed our studies in the P. P. Savani Cambridge International School. We were seeking an international platform, and an international curriculum which can help us in the global studies. Thanks to the CIE curriculum which helped us getting admissions in desired universities and also made further studies easy as most of the topics were already taught in the school. This gave us an extra advantage over the other students from other boards”.

Students have to demonstrate understanding and the core knowledge of a subject, as well as think critically. Exams are there to recognize, reward and encourage learning which is solely conducted by the Cambridge. The quiver of P. P. Savani Cambridge International School also holds stars with two India Toppers’, Meet Savani in Business Studies and Rishabh Mehta in Mathematics and one World Topper, Jieun Kim in Mathematics.

The Cambridge programme takes students on a journey through Cambridge primary, Cambridge secondary 1, Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A level. Students can join at any stage.

The curriculum in each stage has aims and objectives that support students to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. These are the attributes of Cambridge learners.

Cambridge programmes Typical duration Typical age range
Cambridge Primary
Students develop skills and understanding in English, maths and science. Progression tests help teachers check their progress. Five Years 5-11 years
Cambridge Secondary 1
Students develop further their skills and understanding in English, maths and science. Progression tests help teachers check their progress. Two Years 11-14 years
Cambridge IGCSE
Students build a board learning programme from a range of over 70 subjects. In each subjects, they work towards Cambridge IGCSE, the world’s most popular international qualification, for 14 to 16 year olds. Three years 14-16 years
Cambridge International AS & A Level
Students develop the deep understanding and thinking skills they need for university. They work towards Cambridge International AS & A Level qualifications – giving them the choice to specialise, or study from a range of diverse subjects. Two Years 16-19 years