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Cricket Competition


Cricket Competition


Crick, crick, cricket; don’t throw your wicket

Cricket is the greatest game that the wit of man has yet devised. Involving students in games and sports has multiple benefits. It not only keeps them in good physical shape, but also keeps them in a happy state of mind, learns discipline and enables them to learn various mental and moral qualities which they learn from the field. Our school had organised an Inter-House Cricket Competition for our sport aspiring students of Grade V to XII.

There were two group categories from Grade 5th to 8th (Boys) and Grade 9th to 12th  (Boys). All together two matches were played between these groups. Semifinal on 8 December and finals on 9 December. The final for the senior category was played between the Millenium House and the Sancy House while the junior category was played by choosing team members from two combined houses ie. Sancy and Millenium Vs Kohinoor and Hope.

The game started with a lot of cheers and playful spirit. In the senior category, Sancy House won the toss and chose to bowl first. Under the leadership of Krish Gadara and an excellent team player Megh Thakkar who played well to take 3 wickets, Sancy House in the senior category succeeded to reach the victory goal by 9 wickets. In the junior category, Kohinoor and Hope group team won the toss and elected to bowl. Under the captainship of Dhruv Patel and some extraordinary and remarkable efforts by the team members, Kohinoor and Hope House team outwit Sancy and Millenium House team by 7 wickets. Apart from the players and audience, the contribution by Mr. Prakash Nikhade as an Umpire was unignorable and played a vital role in making the event a success.


Group 1 Senior  (Grade 9-12)                          Group 2 Junior  (Grade 5-8)

Winner - Millenium House                                  Winner - Kohinoor and Hope House