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Parents welcome event - pre-primary


Date: 26/2/2022



After a long break, the pre-primary students had joined the school. To welcome the students and parents and to get the students familiarized with other students as friends and teachers, our school had organized a welcome party for them.


The event began with the lighting of lamp by our Principal Ms. Nisha Paryani and Primary Head Ms.Roopa Shridhar.. This was followed by a coloring activity for students. The parents accompanied their child in recognizing a basic colored drawing and made their child color the given drawing. All the tiny tots enjoyed coloring with their parents which helped in developing a bond between them.


This was followed by a musical chair competition for the parents. In both the games, parents gave their full participation and enjoyed with their wards. Winners were announced for both the games. The event ended with a scrumptious lunch at the school mess. 


The campus came back to life with smiling kids and happy teachers moving around bubbling with happiness.


It was a good beginning after a long break as they shifted from new normal to back to normal.