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Report on Navratri Celebration


Report on Navratri Celebration

Navratri is not just a festival for many, it is the time of beginning, time of rethinking” 

Navratri is a famous festival celebrated with great joy and reverence. This festival is a joyous way of worshipping Goddess Durga. The actual purpose of celebrating Navratri is to precede the belief of the good ending or overcoming the bad or good over evil.

As a part of this, our school celebrated Navratri festival on 4th October 2022. The celebration started by offering prayers and chanting Garba in chorus in front of the idol of Goddess Navdurga. Everyone was dressed in traditional dresses and groomed exquisitely. All the bright-colored fabrics made the event appealing.

Students were deeply synced with the beats of the music and the steps of Garba. There were surprising gifts to different enthusiasts of the program. Prizes were given to different categories like the best dressed (male and female) and best dancer (male and female) in groupwise. Similar categories were given to teachers as well. The event became an excellent example of celebration of tradition with joy and fervour at its fullest.