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Report on Face Mask Making Competition

Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. It empowers students by adding strength to their natural abilities which develops teamwork, productivity and confidence. To make students aware of such possibilities, a Face Mask Making Competition was organized for Grade I- V where students made various masks. Students came up with amazing artwork. There was creativity exploding i... Read more »

Report on Badminton Competition

To develop the sportsman spirit and physical fitness of the students, a Badminton Inter House Competition was organized at P.P. Savani Cambridge International School, Surat on October 13th and 14th, 2022. Boys and girls teams from all of the four houses participated in the tournament with full enthusiasm. The event was a great success as the participants came in huge numbers and with greater en... Read more »

Report on Diya Decoration Competition (Pre-primary)

Report on Diya Decoration Competition (Pre-primary) Diwali is the symbol of the victory of good over evil. The Diyas not only make Diwali, the festival of lights, but they also symbolize the supremacy and consequence of brightness over darkness.  In order to bring out the creative talents of our pre-primary students, we at PPSCIS organized a Diya decoration competition on Wednesday 12 O... Read more »

Report on Clever Harvey - Junior MBA Session

Clever Harvey - Junior MBA Session With an aim to provide the right knowledge and provide the students with new opportunities to challenge themselves and learn real-world concepts, our school had organised a session with the Clever Harvey-Junior MBA program for the students of Grade 8-12. The session was conducted by Ms. Subhadra and Mr. Tanay Ghosh from Clever Harvey. The objective of the sess... Read more »

Report on Educational Trip- Science City

  Report on Educational Trip Conducted on 12/10/22 P.P.Savani Cambridge International School,Surat had organized a One Day Science City Education Trip for the Primary Students. As many as 84 students of the school participated in the tour.The purpose of visit was to promote and enhance students under standing of the culture of science and technology,to supplement science education giv... Read more »

Report of field trip at Water Treatment Plant, Sarthana

An educational field trip was organized for the students of grade X to XII at the Water Treatment Plant, Sarthana on 17/10/2022 (Monday). There were 22 students and 4 teachers who visited the plant. The school bus reached the plant at 10:30 am. After completing required permission formalities, the plant official initiated to explain the entire working mechanism of the treatment process. Water i... Read more »

Report on Halloween Competition

 Date: 20/10/2022 Halloween, a global festival, was celebrated with much fun and fanfare by the students of P.P .Savani Cambridge International School on 19 October 2022. The grand celebration saw students dressed up in various costumes to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. Scary make-ups and pop-culture characters such as the Nun from the Conjuring series and other such characters were imp... Read more »

Report on field trip to Aquarium (Pre-primary)

Report on field trip to Aquarium (Pre-primary) School excursions are educational and fun. Students can learn outside the classroom and expand their knowledge. To keep the students motivated, one such field trip was organized by our school for the pre-primary students at the Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium located in the heart of the city at Pal on 12/10/2022.  It is a very well maintained... Read more »

Report on Toran making and Matki Decoration

Report on Toran making and Matki Decoration “The Greatness of the culture can be found in its festivals”  Decorating the home during festivals is a very important part of Indian traditions. To emphasise this "Toran Making Competition” for primary students and "Matki Decoration Competition” for secondary students was conducted. Toran at the main entra... Read more »

Report on drawing and coloring Competition

08/09/2022            Report on drawing and coloring  Competition  “Art enable us to find ourself and love ourself at the same time.”  The aforementioned quote rightly says that art not only highlights our creative aspect, but, it also expresses one’s inner feelings and desires. It is also a great way of discovering one’... Read more »