Best out of Waste Competition

Date: 29/06/2022                                                                          Best out of Waste

                                                        “Waste isn’t waste until we waste it”

What comes to your mind when we use the word 'waste'? It can be a large picture of dirty, used
and unhygienic things lying in a corner of the road. Every year, millions of tons of waste are
produced globally.
So why is waste a global issue? This is because it is posing a huge threat to the environment and
public health. It is linked to the way society is producing and consuming goods of any kind. Waste
has to be looked upon as a global issue as it concerns proper sanitation. An excellent plan to
reuse the waste will give room for provision of potable food, water, shelter, communication and
transport. Basic essential to society and also the economy as a whole.
As a part of sensitizing students towards prominent global issues, we at PPSCIS conducted
various activities under the common theme “Best out of waste”. This encompassed three
activities at various levels namely Paper Bag Making, Rangoli Making and Model Making. The
students of the Primary section very creatively made beautiful and sturdy paper bags from waste
paper and newspapers highlighting the reuse and recycling of paper, a resource which puts
pressure on the forests on a global level. They were very happy when we educated them about it
and told them that today they helped save at least two trees.
The students of Lower Secondary participated in Rangoli Making Competition wherein they made
beautiful rangolis out of waste materials. All the displays were eye-catching and innovative. The
students of higher secondary went a notch up and created Models on the theme of Green city
and demonstrated how we can live sustainably using the natural and inexhaustible resources like
wind and solar energy and can power and build smart cities without polluting our environment.
All in all it was a successful competition as the sensitization towards waste and its management
reached students and they put their young and creative minds into finding creative alternatives
to the wasteful habits we have today.