Poster Making Competition

Poster Making                           Date: 15/06/2022

“If one could say it in words there would be no reason to paint”
Art can provide a very natural and safe way for children to express themselves.
They can play, experiment, make a mess, create stories, and use paintings to
represent feelings, explore alternative narratives. Externalize their feelings by
creating characters, reflecting, and sharing their art with others.
On 15 th June as a part of celebrating Environment day students at PPSCIS
participated in a poster making competition on the theme “Save the Environment”.
Students from grade 6 to 12 participated enthusiastically in the competition. The
artistic flow of ideas was a treat to the eyes. The aim of the competition was not
merely checking their creative aspect but also to trigger the thought process of the
students and to sensitize them towards the environmental issues.
The posters were judged by our own artistic teacher – Ms. Kunjal Nimbark and
Primary Head Ms. Roopa Shridhar. The posters were displayed on the artist’s wall
for everyone to see and appreciate.
Competitions of this sort increase the observational skills, response to thoughts,
awareness and concern of the children towards global issues. Students did
remarkable work and enjoyed their creativity and imagination.