Report of field trip at Water Treatment Plant, Sarthana

An educational field trip was organized for the students of grade X to XII at the Water Treatment Plant, Sarthana on 17/10/2022 (Monday). There were 22 students and 4 teachers who visited the plant. The school bus reached the plant at 10:30 am. After completing required permission formalities, the plant official initiated to explain the entire working mechanism of the treatment process.

Water is taken from Tapi river from surface level by a stilling chamber and is undergone through pre-chlorination which will kill most of the microbes present in it. Then, the water is allowed to fall from the stair shaped well to clear high density particles and for proper mixing of chlorine gas into water. During the next stage, water will undergo Alum dosing/mixing which will stick macromolecules together to form lumps which can be separated easily from dirty water. Then this water is allowed to pass through 10-12 feet deep Lamella type clarifiers to remove turbidity and to increase its transparency. After that, it passes through rapid gravity sand filters to remove impurities from it. Final stage is post-chlorination. During it, the excess of chlorine is removed from the water and this processed water is stored into big tanks from which the different areas are supplied water as per their prerecorded schedule.

The SMC chemist who was explaining the whole process was very cooperative. The students were very curious and were asking questions frequently. At last, students had visited a chemical laboratory which is used to take readings and samples during different processes. They have seen various percussion instruments too. The students and teachers had taken a group photo at the end. At last, they departed for school by bus and reached the school back at 12:45pm.