Report on drawing and coloring Competition


Report on drawing and coloring  Competition 

“Art enable us to find ourself and love ourself at the same time.” 

The aforementioned quote rightly says that art not only highlights our creative aspect, but, it also expresses one’s inner feelings and desires. It is also a great way of discovering one’s passions and also gives us an opportunity to find a new way to love ourselves. Our school rightly believes in this and therefore never fails to provide an opportunity to encourage the students in Art and Craft.

Keeping this in mind and to explore the creative minds, a Drawing and Colouring Competition was held for Grades I-V with the theme “Lord Ganesha ''. Grade I and II students were given the picture of Lord Ganesha to tincture it with different colours. Grade III - V students  depicted  the picture of Lord Ganesha and tinctured it with different colours.

Children participated with zeal and showed their talent. It helped them in exploring new ideas, creativity as well as a sense of colours.