Report on Hostel Excursion

Hostel Excursion

“Excursions at a younger stage, are educative and in the elder stage experience.”

One of the main benefits of school excursions is the interactive sessions during these trips. Such field trips allow students to freely interact with friends, teachers, and others. Learning is a holistic experience and properly conducted excursions can be very interesting for students and help them learn better too. Learning is a vast concept, and holistic learning is impossible without studying people, places, and cultures. The more a person travels, the more he learns. In fact, it is the experiential learning that makes education both practical and profitable.


Hostelers of PPSCIS were  excited and energized by the anticipation of leaving the hostel and school environment as a Hostel Excursion was held on Sunday 24th of July 2022. Sometimes living in the hostel and following the same routine can prove to be boring and monotonous. Evidently the students were overjoyed and excited when this little outing was planned for them. The outing was fun and was arranged considering their interests and what they wanted to do on the weekend. 

16 hostel students along with their two rectors left the hostel premises at around 11:30 on the bright sunday morning and reached TGB road at around 12:30 pm. They had their fair share of fun by having popcorn and watching the latest release Shamshera at a multiplex there. After enjoying the power packed action movie they headed towards VR mall at around 4:10 pm where they enjoyed the very pleasurable window shopping which we all enjoy alike. In anticipation of more fun and a scrumptious meal they left the VR Mall at 6:15 pm and Reached Mad over Grills for a filling dinner. Trying to make the trip useful along with fun they stopped over at D-Mart to shop for essentials. Tired and happy, the students reached the hostel at 7:20 pm, to be rested and in preparation for the next day full of hustle and bustle.