Teachers’ Training by Inspiring Minds

   Teachers’ Training by Inspiring Minds                Date: 03/06/2022 

‘Life as a teacher begins the day you realize that you are always a learner’

With a thorough belief in this quote PPSCIS organised a Teachers’ Training on Creative Thinking. The training was conducted on 3rd June 2022 by an organizational development and training organisation based out of Delhi – Inspiring Minds. The keynote speaker was a very enthusiastic and energetic Mr. Gulshan Memoria. He captivated the teachers with his activities and engaging life talks. The activities were very thought provoking and introspective and gave a lot of insight into how the human brain works. All in all it was an extremely helpful and educative workshop.

The Ice breaking session was very engaging as teachers from each group were called to translate and perform famous hindi dialogues. It was humour inducing and a fun way to acquaint with fellow teachers. The next activity was an introspective self-analytical questionnaire which gave an insight into working of one’s brain. It helped further the discussion on how to train one’s mind to think out of the box and be creative in the teaching learning process at school and home. 

There was a very interesting activity conducted on unusual riddles which forces one to think outside of the very obvious and come up with creative answers. This led to a deep and long discussion on the pros of creative thinking and how it is helping in transforming our present and future world. The motive was not only to be creative by oneself but also inculcate and encourage our students to think the unthinkable and achieve the impossible.  

At last an activity was conducted which explored and brought out the talents of all participants and helped them feel proud of it and resolve to pursue them in their free time. Participants also drew posters on various topics and showcased their creativity. At last as an encouragement books and book marks were given out to the winners and participants. The day indeed ended creatively!