Vegetable Printing Competition

Childhood is a world of magic, colour and expression. Every child is an artist and almost all creativity comes from purposeful play. Keeping this in mind an activity –Vegetable printing competition was conducted for our pre-primary students on 13th July 2022, to bring out hidden creativity of the children.

Vegetable printing is lots of fun for little ones to try. The children brought in different vegetables such as potatoes, onion, carrots, and ladyfinger to make these simple but impressive crafts. The basic idea was to dip them into different colored paint and stamp them onto paper in random or ordered patterns. A few students even brought the flower, petal, stem, pineapple and various ready cut-out shapes and used their imagination to print on blank pages to create wonderful patterns and designs.

The finishing product no doubt proved that imagination and creativity go hand in hand. Kudos to children for their participation in the competition. From each grade best three performers were selected and were awarded with certificates.