Visit to Radio Mirchi

Date: 24/06/2022                                                          Visit to Radio Mirchi

                   Education is not always in the four corners of a class.

P P Savani Cambridge International organised a F M radio station visit on 24th July for the VI and VII class students. As we already know learning starts from the society. 10 am after breakfast students of respective classes with the guidance of Mr.Sumesh and Ms.Roopa. 11 am students reached the radio station. 

The HR manager Radhika welcomed students and shared basic details about how to stay quiet inside the station. RJ Adithya helped the students to understand how things work inside the studio. Students were eager to know the each minute detail about the Radio Mirchi.  The one hour 25 students clearly utilised to learn about the new things. It was a mind blowing experience for the students.