Music is one of the most popular co-curricular activities at PPSCIS. The Music Department offers a wide variety of music study instructions in both Western and Indian categories. Students are provided with vocal training and are also trained in a variety of musical instruments. The students appear for their written and practical music exams on the campus every year.

We strongly believe that Visual Arts forms an integral part of the holistic development of a child. Art enables one to look at the world around them from
diverse perspectives. We teach and facilitate Visual Arts in a way that students develop technical and concept making skills to express themselves and bring about transformation. Our endeavour is to nurture sensitive students who are able to retain their innate imagination and explore an array of artistic possibilities.
Apart from the traditional mediums like Drawing, Painting, Clay Modeling, Printmaking and Photography, we also encourage our students to experiment with new age mediums like Digital art, Conceptual and Installation Art, etc. The school regularly organises art events and awareness programs that foster creativity and art appreciation.

The students at PPSCIS are trained well in western and contemporary styles of dancing. The performing arts allow them to bring out their creativity and display it with their body language. A variety of styles and forms are taught at our school to ensure that the students find their niche in time.

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