“We really enjoyed our studies in the P. P. Savani Cambridge International School. We were seeking an international platform, and an international curriculum which can help us in the global studies. Thanks to the CIE curriculum which helped us getting admissions in desired universities and also made further studies easy as most of the topics were already taught in the school.”


P. P. Savani Cambridge International School provided me with a well-rounded education, allowing me to excel academically and creatively. I am proud to have achieved an ICE certificate in my IGCSE and taken Accounting, Business Studies, and Economics at my A-levels. Additionally, the school's supportive environment allowed me to pursue my passion for photography and develop essential leadership skills as the Logistics Head for IIMUN.


As an alumni, I want to say that my school life was defined by the support & encouragement of the talented faculty, who provided quality education that instilled discipline, responsibility and a love for learning. The focus on extra-curricular activities was a highlight, as it helped to nurture important life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and communication. As head boy and sports captain, I was given the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and help shape the culture of the school. Looking back, school life at PPSCIS was a truly enriching experience that prepared me for success in all aspects of my life.


I was very fortunate to be a part of this school. The environment is great and has shaped me into the confident and successful person that I am today. I have many fond memories of this place and the bonds I created here are to stay with me for a lifetime. Be it friends or Teachers they were and they are still a very important part of my life. The memories I created here will forever be cherished.PPSCIS has completely changed the arc of my academic life.The activities and programmes that are offered here made a lot of difference and were key in shaping my personality. I can confidently say that PPSCIS has made me what I am today and I strongly recommend it to the people who really want to make it in life.


P.P. Savani Cambridge International school provides a safe and supportive learning environment where students can thrive both academically and personally. They have a
dedicated faculty and staff who are knowledgeable, caring, and committed to helping students achieve their goals. It also offers a wide range of academic and extracurricular
programs that cater to students' diverse interests and abilities. P.P. Savani Cambridge International school encourages students to think critically, communicate effectively, and become responsible, ethical, and engaged members of their communities. 

First and foremost, I was impressed with the dedication and professionalism of the school's faculty and staff. From the moment I arrived, it was clear that everyone at PP Savani was committed to creating a positive learning environment for their students.I was particularly impressed with the school's emphasis on personalised education. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, P P Savani strives to meet the unique needs and interests of each student. This is evident in the school's diverse course offerings, extracurricular activities, and supportive approach to student learning

 have had the privilege of working with your school's principal and staff and I have always respected the dedication and passion they have for providing a quality education to the students in your district. Your school has an impressive record of academic achievement. The students consistently perform well on standardised tests, and the faculty is highly experienced and qualified. The staff also engages in meaningful professional development opportunities to stay abreast of the latest teaching methods and best practices.

My Visit to P. P. Savani Cambridge International School was a wonderful experience. The school exhibits a strong philosophy in action to create an environment that is challenging and rewarding; focusing on social, intellectual and emotional aspects of the students' development. Observing and interacting with the students and faculties gave me an opportunity to understand the strong and solid foundation between them. The student’s are surrounded by a network of highly qualified, dedicated faculty and staff whose mission is to provide academic, emotional, and social guidance and support.

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