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Christmas Celebration



Christmas is the time to give and forgive. It is the festival commemorating the birth of Jesut Christ. Christmas brings with itself  the special message of hope, happiness, joy and merriment! Santa Claus tells us never to let go of that magical element of innocence from your life. Keep the child within you always alive and make sure that you add a little of that element in everything you are doing.


On Christmas Eve 24th December, Friday the students at PPSCIS enjoyed the celebrations at school. All dressed up as Santa, enjoyed Christmas carols, danced on the jingles. A Secret Santa distributed chocolates bringing smiles to the little faces. Students also decorated Christmas trees, shared their gifts. They even enjoyed the snacks with each other as a part of Sharing is Caring activity. The celebration ended by exchange of gifts amongst teachers wishing each other “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”


Also for pre-primary students on 23rd December, Thursday evening had the virtual

celebrations. It started with a small introduction on Christmas and its importance. The little tiny-tots danced to the  tunes of Jingle Bells, sang Christmas Carols and some even presented stories. The virtual audience was stunned by the little ones making their moves and presentation.


The singing, dancing and stories made it a festive day and brought about the feel of joy and happiness amongst everyone.


The children carried home the message of sharing and caring as well as the pleasure and pride of spreading peace and happiness